Instead of gift baskets and hampers, gift amazing experiences to your loved ones in New Zealand

Better than hampers and gift baskets, give experiences to loved ones in New Zealand
Browse the range of Chuffed Experience Gift Boxes for a great present for anyone
Instead of gift baskets and hampers, choose a Chuffed Gift. They choose an experience.
Up to 120 premium
experiences, options
all over New Zealand
Chuffed Kayak dolphin
Each Chuffed Gift offers
adventure, nature, wellness, taste, and joy
Chuffed experience gifts for all ages
Perfect for all
ages, interests,
and occasions

You don't have to make-do with sending gift baskets and hampers anymore, to show someone in New Zealand that you really care - a new easy solution with high impact is here! Give a Chuffed Gift, and they get to choose their favorite activity and when to enjoy it.

You don’t have to make-do with sending gift baskets and hampers anymore, to show someone in New Zealand that you really care – a new easy solution with high impact is here! Give a Chuffed Gift, and they get to choose their favorite activity and when to enjoy it.

Couriered direct to their door anywhere in New Zealand, or use the ‘e-voucher only’ option instead.
Chuffed is the easy and effective alternative to gift baskets and hampers way to give a great gift if you’re outside New Zealand

How Chuffed Gifts work

Play the video to discover how a Chuffed Gift gives your recipient in New Zealand a range of great experiences to choose from, whilst being even easier to order than a gift hamper.  You’ll see how it’ll make you a gift giving legend.

Top quality experiences all over New Zealand

You can be sure that with your Chuffed Gift; your family and friends in New Zealand have a range of top quality experiences closeby… or maybe they’d like to venture further and do something exciting in a different part of the country! 

Most popular Chuffed Gifts

$499.00 NZD
$499.00 NZD
$159.00 NZD
$159.00 NZD
$299.00 NZD
$299.00 NZD
$309.00 NZD
$309.00 NZD
$99.00 NZD
$99.00 NZD
$99.00 NZD
$99.00 NZD

Choose a
Chuffed Gift

Chuffed Gifts have a range of gift experience boxes to suit your needs.  Each box has up to 110 different experiences for the recipient to choose from.

We’ll courier it within New Zealand

Chuffed Gifts courier the experience box overnight, meanwhile you’ll also receive instant e-voucher via email.  You’ll also receive a tracking number via email.

 They receive it in the mail

They get a vibrant physical box delivered.  Their face will light up as they discover so many amazing experiences available to them! With two years to redeem, there’s plenty of time to decide.

They choose an experience!

The lucky recipient can redeem and do their favourite chosen experience.  Will they choose to fly, relax, eat, bike, sail, paddle, learn, soak? The choice is theirs!

What international customers are saying

Google (Android 12L)

Best gift giving from across the world!



This was the best gift decision we have made! Our in-laws are overseas and we were racking our brains trying to figure out what to send them, this was the most perfect solution ever! Customer service is outstanding! Ten thumbs up! They assisted me every step of the way and provided solutions for my travelling relatives and purchasing from the US for folks in NZ! Amazing experience and the giftees were thrilled with the idea of an adventure for a present!

Google (Android 12L)

To me sending a family experience was a more meaningful gift



Fantastic to be able to so easily arrange from overseas an experience gift from Melbourne for NZ family members, and for them to be able to enjoy the experience of their choice (and the resulting memories). Thanks for the great options and customer service.

Google (Android 12L)




Purchasing a gift from the UK for my NZ based daughter, the process was made as simplified and hassle free as, I believe, it could be! Chuffed were/are great in terms of communication, customer service, etc., my daughter received her gift in good time and is delighted with it!  Suffice to we are all well chuffed with Chuffed and do not hesitate to recommend!
Well done!

Top 5 questions from
International customers…

  • If you make an order before 2pm (NZ time), Monday to Friday, it will be shipped the same day.
  • If you order after 2pm (NZ time), Monday to Friday, it will be shipped the next business day.
  • If you order on Saturday or Sunday, it will be shipped on Monday (or Tuesday if Monday is a public holiday).

Chuffed Gifts use NZ post overnight shipping, and most gifts arrive at their destination the next business day (or if not, the business day after that).

Whereas the e-gift version, attached to your confirmation email, will be ready to send as soon as that email arrives.

Chuffed makes it easy to buy a meaningful gift to someone in New Zealand no matter where you are in the world, as long as you have internet and a credit card you can shop with us.  Payment methods include: Credit card, PayPal, Afterpay, and LayBuy which help make an international transaction easy.

Easy!  Just use the ‘e-gift only’ option at checkout, and you’ll receive a lovely e-gift version of your Chuffed Gift (attached as a .pdf attachment to your Confirmation email), which you can then print or forward on.

We don’t ship the boxes overseas, but in leiu of this, you can always print the e-gift version (attached to your confirmation email) wherever you are.

If you really do want the box for a very special reason, contact the team at and we might be able to work something out with you.

For sure!  After you’ve made your order, email with your Order Number – and tell us what date you’d like the gift to arrive.  The Chuffed Team will courier it 2 business days before this date, so it arrives on the day you want it to.

By clicking continue you will be directed to the Chuffed Gifts redemption zone.

This is our separate website where gift recipients can use their gifts.

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