Our Story

A kiwi business on a big mission

Like so many good business success stories it started as a problem with no easy answer.

“I need to get a gift… but what on earth do I get for someone who has everything?”

And that was the spark that led us down the path of creating Chuffed Gifts – the experience gift company where the recipient chooses the experience that they would like to do the most.

It turns out that 1000’s of other people regularly have the same problem.  Chuffed Gifts has since steadily filled the gap in the market as a perfect gift for anyone, anywhere and for any occasion.

Today with a team of creative designers, web developers, content creators and product experts on hand, based in the company’s downtown Tauranga headquarters, Chuffed Gifts works with a network of experience providers who collectively offer over 1000 experiences across New Zealand.

The beginning of Chuffed Gifts when it first opened in 2021
Melissa, Alex and James founded Chuffed Gifts when they couldn’t find a decent gift
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With clients from multinational corporates to best friends saying Happy Birthday, we are focused on driving gift giving change in New Zealand – where great gifting outcomes are about experiencing new things, meeting new people and creating memories that last a lifetime.

We can gift better
New Zealand!

Chuffed Gifts is on a mission to change the gift giving culture in New Zealand with a new type of gift.  We want to rid New Zealand of material gifts and thoughtless gift cards because we believe the best gifts are experiences that connect people, places and businesses and create memories that last a lifetime.

Gift giving should be inspirational and unforgettable both for the gift giver and the receiver…. that’s Chuffed’s mission.

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