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The go-to gift you can use for Thank-you gifts, leaving presents,  staff incentives, promotions, milestones, rewards, and more.

Make great business gifting your secret skill that ensures your success with Chuffed Gifts.  This gift offers key clients and staff the opportunity to pick an experience of their choosing and have a incredible time – ensuring you remain memorable, relevant, and top-of-mind.

How Chuffed
Gifts work

Play the video and discover how Chuffed Gifts give your valued clients, customers, and staff the gift of a great experience, and makes your organisation more memorable and favourable.

Frequently asked questions for business gifting

A Chuffed Gift is an experience gift that comes in a fun physical package – but the unique difference is the recipient of the gift gets to choose the experience they take part in. Each gift collection has up to 120 options for the recipient to choose from.

Because of the range of choices for the recipient there is literally something for everyone. From adrenaline, food and wine, wellness, and soft adventure there is something that will suit everyone. Chuffed works with over 250 experience providers across New Zealand who collectively offer over 800 different experiences across our gift range so where-ever your recipient lives and whatever interests them – a Chuffed Gift has an experience for them.

And ultimately the great time they have using their Chuffed Gift reflects back positively on you and your brand.

Chuffed is very well suited for Christmas staff gifts or client gifts, it will remove any stress you are feeling about sourcing gifts for Christmas and will be warmly received by recipients as something unique, useful and thoughful.

Please contact our Business Development Manager Alex Howard to discuss your needs on


Yes, all gift are fully customisable with your brand and designs however there is a minimum order value for this of $2000.

We find most businesses order between 10 – 200 but if your needs are greater we can handle requirements in the 1000’s.

If you would like a no obligation sample sent to you please scroll to the bottom of this page and fill out your details, or contact our Business Development Manager Alex Howard to discuss your needs on or text/phone him on 021 416 436

We suggest you order direct from the website for single purchases – our “Try Something New’ range is our most popular for business purposes.

We do this for many businesses such as real estate agents, brokers, staff of the month etc…. when the gifting needs pop up throughout the year. For these businesses we prepare customised packaging that we hold on stock and fulfil the orders and send direct to their clients as needed. Please contact our Business Development Manager Alex Howard on if this is a service that could help you. 

For customised packaging with your brand and designs – allow 2 weeks from enquiry to delivery.

For non-customised bulk orders allow 3 days from order to delivery anywhere in New Zealand.

For single orders we send via overnight courier so most likely delivery is the next business day provided you order before 2pm.

Often we hear from customers who need a gift for an acknowledgement on the same day.

All Chuffed Gifts come with an interactive e voucher delivered to your inbox immediately on successful purchase. It comes in a printable version or can be forwarded on digitally.


Yes we are happy to provide no obligation samples. Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page or get in touch with our Business Development Manager Alex Howard to discuss your needs on or text/phone him on 021 416 436

Please scroll down the page to see some examples of work we have done with other companies.

Whether it is as simple as staff Christmas gifts or a complex promotion you need rewards and prizes for we have provided tailored solutions for many companies.

Our Business Development Manager Alex Howard is keen to hear from you at or text/phone him on 021 416 436

What will they choose when you give them a Chuffed Gift?

Give key contacts a gift they will want to use, and love to talk about!

Super responsible without compromising on fun, cut your carbon footprint whilst supporting great local businesses.

Nurtures important relationships by having personal and fun topic to talk about.

Since they choose what to do, it’s highly specific.  That’s far more memorable than sending the generic gifts your compeititors give.

Chuffed Gifts do all the work for you!  Tell us what you need then relax while we sort scheduling, bulk orders, and customisation.  

These businesses know great gifts!

Make smart strategic gifting your business’s secret weapon

Team Q – Ray White
Mount Maunganui & Papamoa

Team Q first contacted Chuffed Gifts for a prize for a local fundraising event they were organizing. When they received the Chuffed Gift, they realized it would be a great way to acknowledge their sellers and buyers in sales.


How Chuffed Gifts solved the problem
Chuffed created a customized gift featuring Team Q’s brand colors and logo, with a note insert containing a message for the clients on the front and a picture of Team Q on the back. The custom gifts were stored in Chuffed’s office and sent directly to clients when Team Q transacted a property or wanted to send a special gift.


Team Q reported fantastic feedback from their clients, with each recipient thanking them for the gift. Some clients even purchased Chuffed gifts for their own friends, family, and clients!

Bed Bath & Beyond
Long-term loyalty recognition

Bed Bath & Beyond NZ head office wanted to recognize their long-serving staff members with exciting gifts. Chuffed Gifts provided varying price points to align with the years of service and custom-made a Chuffed Gift in Bed Bath & Beyond’s brand colors, messaging, and log.

How Chuffed Gifts solved the problem
Chuffed offered gifts suitable for people all over NZ and fulfilled well over 100 gifts to the Bed Bath & Beyond head office for them to give to their employees.

At a special function, employees received their branded Chuffed Gifts, filled with exciting experiences. The organiser of the gifts herself received a gift for being there over 10 years, and she enjoyed a Helicopter glacier experience on the West Coast of the South Island

Mike Pero Mortgages
Sales incentive for brokers

Mike Pero Mortgages wanted to incentivise their staff NZ wide with an exciting prize that would suit all their staff, regardless of location, ability, and interests.

How Chuffed Gifts solved the problem
Chuffed’s broad appeal of experience gifts provided an exciting incentive for the programme. As staff hit their targets, Mike Pero would email through their name and address, and Chuffed would ship the gift directly to the recipient with a note from Mike Pero congratulating them.

31 Mike Pero employees all over NZ received Chuffed Gifts, with many using their gifts over the summer period. The organiser of the gifts received great feedback from the winners about their rewards and the experiences they chose to do.

Electronic client Christmas gifts

Cartology wanted to provide Christmas gifts for over 100 of their clients, from many different businesses, with an electronic solution that would allow them to email all their clients at once with a link to their gift.

How Chuffed Gifts solved the problem
Chuffed created a bespoke landing page on their website dedicated to Cartology, with a code loaded with value assigned to each client’s email address. They assisted Cartology in creating an email with all the necessary links and information.

Cients quickly redeemed their gifts, making it a great solution for Cartology that catered to all clients and was still an exciting gift. It was so successful that Cartology gave the same client gift for Christmas 2022.

Brands utilising Chuffed Gifts

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