Gift experiences, not stuff.

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Do your business gifts stand out, grow loyalty and ensure client or staff retention?

Strategic gift giving will amplify your business results if you do it right...

If you are strategic about gift giving and want to stay front of mind, demonstrate the value you place in a relationship and give recognition through gifting that creates long term conversation and loyalty to you or your brand, then it is time you considered the power of gifting experiences.

We all know gifting in business can be a bit dull, uninspiring and frankly unremarkable, leaving a huge opportunity wasted. You want to be remembered and gift giving with thought and impact is how you can be.

The Chuffed team is ready to work through all business gift requirements. When you contact Chuffed, you’ll be connected to either Melissa, Alex or James who will work through your specific requirements and be your main point of contact to work through your business needs

Chuffed Gifts has revolutionised the ease of giving experiences in New Zealand as gifts or rewards by creating a platform with over 700 experience partners across New Zealand and organising them as vast multi choice gift and reward packages that are then redeemed online. It all all comes in the fun Chuffed Tube which creates an exciting and memorable gift occasion but also acts as a passport to new adventures, experiences and moments in your client or staff members lives.

The key difference with Chuffed is the recipient chooses, and that takes all the guesswork out for you, and creates more fun for them.

Chuffed gifts corporate business customisation

Chuffed Gifts can be fully customised – adding your logo to the Experience Booklets is just the beginning! If you have regular corporate and business gift requirements get in touch.

Chuffed Can help with:

  • Staff Gifts for 1 – 10,000 Staff
  • Unique, memorable and personalised gifts for clients
  • Prizes for competitions and consumer engagement
  • Team rewards and incentives
  • Nationwide coverage – Chuffed Gifts are suitable for staff, clients and stakeholders no matter where they work and live in New Zealand
  • Fully customised packaging and bespoke solutions to put your brand front and centre

Experience Gifts are more intensely emotional than a material possession

Don’t just take our word for it that gifting experiences is better. Cindy Chan a professor at Toronto University studied the subject and concluded an experiential gift is more intensely emotional than a material possession: if you want to give them something that will make them feel closer to you, give an experience.

Chuffed experience gifts for business presents
Chuffed covers everyone, so theres no uncertainty
They get to choose so your gift giving can't fail

Why experiences and Why Chuffed Gifts are perfect for business to business gift giving

  • Experiences provide connection like no other material gift can – through longevity, memory making, talkability and human connection
  • Experiences and the associated memories no matter who they did it with, will forever be linked to you or your brand
  • Experiences are great for wellness and help people become better and more balanced.
  • Chuffed is a Tauranga based Kiwi company founded in 2020 with redundant Covid affected tourism employees. Our goal is to change gift giving culture in NZ from stuff to experiences and support hundreds of home grown Kiwi tourism businesses on the way.
  • Chuffed Gifts packages are for individuals, couples or families, which makes it so valuable to the recipient – your company’s gift can be shared with those people that your client or staff member loves the most.

Customisable solutions for your business

Chuffed is flexible, nimble and ready to find a solution for your business.

We can customise the packaging to focus on your brand (minimum order number required) through to fully customised packages to suit you budget. For example if your budget per client/staff member falls outside our categories listed on this site – let’s chat. We could create a fully customised package and online redemption process just for your brand.  (minimum order numbers required)

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Interested in Chuffed for Business Gifts?

Leave your details below and we’ll send you a complimentary sample of a Chuffed Gift, so you can see what all the fuss is about for yourself.