Unforgettable ideas for Christmas gifts for Mum and mother-figures

The best Christmas gifts for Mum she’ll never forget

The holiday season is upon us, and if you’re on the hunt for the most extraordinary Christmas gifts for Mum, you’re not alone. Mums and mother-figures are the unsung heroes of our lives and deserve gifts as special as they are. Every year, the quest for the perfect present can be a challenge, but this time, let’s ditch the usual material gifts and dive into the enchantment of experiences. Our Mums deserve gifts that are as special and epic as they are. 

A Mum’s all-time favourite experiences

Curious about what experiences your Mum would love to do? At Chuffed, we’ve been in the experience game since 2020, so we know what Mums adore. Below, we’ve handpicked seven top experiences (out of hundreds available at Chuffed) to help you raise the bar on unforgettable Christmas gifts for Mum. 

Polynesian Spa Pool Chuffed Gifts

One of Mum’s top picks – Day spas

For Mums who relish relaxation, a day spa is a fail-safe choice. Whether you gift the experience of a tranquil mineral pool dip or pamper her with a blissful massage, she’s in for an escape that will leave her perfectly relaxed and rejuvenated.

Christmas gifts for your wife or girlfriend Chuffed winery

A favourite among Mums – Wine tasting

Wine tasting remains a timeless favorite among many Mums. The breathtaking vineyard landscapes, scenic views, and inviting ambiance make it the perfect escape for relaxation and joy. Here in New Zealand we’re pretty lucky with some awesome spots renowned for their world-class wines. 

For Mums who love wildlife – Swimming with Dolphins

For Mums who have a soft spot for wildlife, gifting them the enchanting experience of swimming with dolphins is a dream come true. Witnessing these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat, is an awe-inspiring experience, where every flip and frolic creates memories that’ll make her Christmas unforgettable.

Chuffed gifts unique special food dining christchurch tram present

One for the foodies – Fine dinning 

Dining out is always a winner, especially for Mums who are food enthusiasts. You can elevate her culinary journey with flavors meticulously crafted by top chefs or find somewhere with an exquisite view and atmosphere (or both!). It’s a guaranteed hit for a Christmas gift that delights her taste buds.


Chuffed gifts kayak kayaking group present

For the laid-back adventurer – Kayaking

For Mums who love the great outdoors but at a more relaxed pace, kayaking is a great choice. The serene lakes, rivers, and oceans of New Zealand offer an idyllic backdrop for both relaxation and exploration. It’s a chance to connect with nature, immersing in the beauty of the landscape and creating moments of tranquil connection.

Christmas gifts for your wife or girlfriend nz hells gate

For Mum’s who love relaxation – Mud spa or massage

For Mums seeking tranquility, a mud spa or massage experience provides a unique experience. The soothing properties of mud, combined with therapeutic treatments, create a serene retreat, offering relaxation and enhanced skin health. Our standout choice? The renowned Hell’s Gate in Rotorua, promising an unforgettable escape into bliss.

taupo skydiving christmas gift ideas for her

A favourite for the thrill-seeking Mum – Sky diving

For the daring adventurer, skydiving is the ultimate dream fulfilled. Against the backdrop of New Zealand’s awe-inspiring landscapes, a skydive offers an exhilarating freefall and unmatched excitement. It’s not just an adrenaline rush; it’s a remarkable experience blending the thrill of the dive with the breathtaking natural beauty of NZ.

christmas gift present idea ideas for her

The ultimate Christmas gift for your Mum – Chuffed

Imagine a gift that she’ll never forget, sparks excitement, and is quick and effortless to purchase. Chuffed Gifts aren’t your run-of-the-mill presents; they’re like a surprise adventure waiting to unfold. Brimming with over 120 extraordinary experiences from all corners of New Zealand, this unique gift stands out because your Mum gets to choose her own adventure! It’s the sweet spot between your considerate selection and her chance to pick when and which experience suits her best. This is the kind of thoughtful gift that will make you the superstar of gift-giving and leave your Mum with a massive smile and memories to cherish.

Say goodbye to the hassle of hunting down the perfect Christmas gifts for your Mum with these awesome experience ideas! As you level up your gift game and pick experiences that match her interests and passions, you’re not just handing over a present – you’re gifting her a ticket to make some fabulous memories. And if you’re still on the fence about experiential gifts, here are a few fun reasons why they’re the absolute best for your Mum’s Christmas delight. Get ready to make this Christmas one for the memory books!

Why experiences make the perfect gift for her

Chuffed gifts kayak kayaking for two couple present
Chuffed experience valentine's day gift ideas for two husband wife him her

1. Choose memories, forget things

Creating memories that stand the test of time beats material possessions any day. Unlike the novelty that wears off with physical gifts, the thrill of an adventure or a special moment will be cherished forever.

2. Tailored to Mum’s tastes

Experiences can be tailored to your Mum’s interests and tastes. Whether she’s into outdoor escapades, fancy dining, or art adventures, there’s an experience that suits her perfectly.

3. Quality time

Experiences provide an opportunity to spend quality time with loved ones, strengthening connections and allowing you to enjoy each other’s company. The memories you create will become moments Mums will cherish forever.

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