Unforgettable gifts for your wife or girlfriend

Unforgettable gifts for your wife or girlfriend

If you’re looking for the perfect gifts for your wife or girlfriend, you’re not alone. Year after year, finding the ideal present can be quite a challenge. So, this year, instead of opting for the usual material presents, why not consider the magic of experiences? 

Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day, Christmas, or simply an impromptu celebration of love, make this year’s gifts for your wife or girlfriend a cherished memory that will last a lifetime.

Women’s all-time favourite experiences

Now you might be wondering what experiences she would like. But here at Chuffed, we’ve been in the experience game since 2020, so we know a thing or two about what experiences ladies love to do. We’ve listed below seven of the top experiences women have chosen (out of hundreds available at Chuffed), so you can lift your gift game with these ideas for the best gifts for your wife or girlfriend. 

Christmas gifts for your wife or girlfriend Chuffed winery

A favourite among women – Wine tasting

Wine tasting is always a hot favourite experience among many
women. The stunning vineyard landscapes, picturesque views, and inviting atmosphere are perfect for relaxation and enjoyment. Here in New Zealand we’re pretty lucky with some awesome spots renowned for their world-class wines. One of the best has got to be wine tasting in sunny Marlborough. 

Christmas gifts for your wife or girlfriend Maruia hot springs nz

One of women’s top picks – Day spas

A hot favourite experience among wives and girlfriends is a relaxing day spa. Maruia Hot Springs is always a winner with its award-winning natural hot springs. It’s a wellness destination tucked among the snow-capped Southern Alps on the picturesque Lewis Pass National Reserve. She will feel instantly relaxed in their natural geothermal mineral pools or with an indulgent massage to unwind.

Christmas gifts for your wife or girlfriend nz dolphin spotting

For the lady who loves wildlife – Dolphin spotting

For women who have a passion for wildlife, dolphin spotting in New Zealand is a dream come true. Being able to witness these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat, leaping and swimming alongside boats, is an awe-inspiring and deeply fulfilling experience for any wildlife enthusiast. Kaikoura is our pick for one of the best places to do this in NZ. 

Christmas gifts for your wife or girlfriend stratosphere restaurant

One for the foodies – Dinning at Stratosphere

Dining out at delicious restaurants is always a winner with women, but particularly those who are a bit of a foodie. We’re not short of choices here in NZ but if you want to pair it with a stunning view and mouth-watering buffet meal, Statosphere in Rotorua is one of the favourites among women. It’s a guaranteed winner for gifts for your wife.

Christmas gifts for your wife or girlfriend nz hells gate

For women who love relaxation – Mud spa at Hell’s Gate

For women seeking relaxation and tranquillity, a mud spa experience at Hell’s Gate in Rotorua offers a unique haven of serenity. The soothing properties of mud, combined with therapeutic therapies, can ease tension, enhance skin health, and create a tranquil escape, making it an enticing choice for any wives or girlfriends wanting a serene and pampering retreat.

Chuffed gifts kayak kayaking group present

For the easy adventurer – Kayaking the Raglan Harbour

Women who love getting outdoors but enjoy a more leisurely pace always enjoy the kayaking experience around Raglan Harbour. The tranquil waters and stunning coastal views provide a perfect setting for both relaxation and outdoor exploration. It’s an opportunity to connect with nature, soak in the beauty of the landscape, and enjoy the soothing rhythm of paddling.

Christmas gifts for your wife or girlfriend nz skydiving wanaka

A favourite for the adrenaline junkie – Sky diving in Wanaka

Skydiving is an adrenaline enthusiast’s dream come true. With NZ’s breathtaking landscapes and an adrenaline-pumping freefall, it’s a thrilling adventure that delivers an unparalleled rush of excitement. The awe-inspiring views on a Wanaka Sky Dive make this one of the top picks. It’s a truly memorable experience for women after an adrenaline kick while taking in the natural beauty of NZ.

christmas gift present idea ideas for her

The ultimate gift for your wife or girlfriend – Chuffed

Imagine a gift that leaves a lasting impression and evokes an enthusiastic response, all while being quick and effortless to buy. Chuffed Gifts aren’t your ordinary presents; they’re like to a surprise adventure just waiting to unfold. The gift arrives in a fun box, brimming with up to 120 extraordinary experiences from all corners of New Zealand. What sets it apart? Your wife or girlfriend has the liberty to handpick her own experience! It’s the perfect fusion of your thoughtful choice and her ultimate say in when and what experience she’d like to do. This is the kind of gift that will make you the superstar of gift-giving and win you some extra brownie points, leaving her with a massive smile.

We hope finding the perfect gifts for your wife or girlfriend doesn’t have to be a daunting task anymore with these epic experience ideas. As you elevate your gifting game and choose experiences that resonate with her desires and passions, you’re not just giving a present, but the gift of cherished memories. If you’re still on the fence about gifting experiences, check out just a few of the reasons why they make the best gifts for your wife or girlfriend below.

Why experiences make the perfect gift for her

Chuffed gifts kayak kayaking for two couple present
Chuffed experience valentine's day gift ideas for two husband wife him her

1. Memories over material possessions

Experiences create memories that last a lifetime. While material gifts might lose their novelty over time, the memories of a shared adventure or a special moment together will be cherished forever.

2. A personal touch

Experiences can be tailored to your wife or girlfriend’s interests and preferences. Whether she loves the outdoors, fine dining, or art, you can find an experience that suits her perfectly.

3. Quality time together

Experiences provide an opportunity to spend quality time together, strengthening your connection and allowing you to enjoy each other’s company. The shared memories you create will become a part of your relationship’s story.

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