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Affordable budget-friendly Christmas present ideas

Looking for some affordable gifts for Christmas this year, without sacrificing impact and memorability? Having a set budget is an opportunity to shop intentionally and mindfully, and that can often lead to better gifts than if you actually have more to spend. Though it does take more planning and thought – which isn’t easy! So with this blog article, you’ll get find some super gifts without spending a lot this season.

1. Chuffed Gifts: for two, for families

Affordable inexpensive cheap christmas present gift ideas new zealand experiences Chuffed gifts

Instead of splitting your Christmas gift budget, and ending-up with multiple individual ‘meh’ gifts, combine the budget together and get one really great group gift that multiple people can share and enjoy.  Chuffed lets two, three, and more people choose and enjoy an epic adventure… together!  The memories will last for a long time, and you’ll love hearing about their special adventure.  Memories that last a lifetime for multiple people is gift money well spent.

Tip: Choose Chuffed’s experience box for two, or for families.

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2. A personal pic made into an art piece

affordable cheap budget Christmas present gift idea

This gift involves a few steps and some ‘digital digging’, but the results are worth it.

  • Find a great picture of your friend or loved one on their Facebook or Instagram,
  • save the image onto a USB stick,
  • Take the USB  stick to a photo printing kiosk (Warehouse Stationery, Harvey Norman, and many local photo stores have them), and print the image onto matte A3 or A4 photo paper.
    If it’s tricky the staff can help you.
  • Once printed, buy a simple white or wood frame with a white border (The Warehouse and KMart has these a-plenty) and put the picture inside.

And voila!  You’ll have a gift that looks stylish and chic, and is also special and meaningful.  Your friend or loved one will love seeing themselves through your eyes, and having a special moment memorialised.  



  • Go for an image that’s more casual and candid
  • Print on matte / low gloss paper
  • Choose a picture where there the background is not too busy
  • Make sure the image is high-resolution
  • Image printed to A3 works best.

Budget: around $40 

3. Healthy home made snack treats

chirstmas snacks presents cheap affordable

‘Tis the season for lots of carby, sugary treats. Some people get over all those sweet things pretty quickly. Who says Christmas has to be sugary?  Why can’t it be nutty, or spicy, or tangy, or zesty? Embrace other tastes and make delicious snacky treats that are more on the real food side like: oat bars, hummus, salsa, guacamole, cheese balls… you name it!  The internet is full of easy-to-make treats,  for instance, here’s a for home made spicy roasted almonds instead of the typical scorched almonds, for people who prefer spicy over sweet.

Tips: Get your ingredients at bulk bin stores and markets for better deals and to support small businesses.

Budget: $20 upwards (depending on how much you want to make, and how complex your recipe is).

4. Opportunity shop treasures

Cheap christmas present ideas Op Shopping

Good gifts from the op shop can range from the highly functional (like wine glasses or a toaster), to the whimsical (like a fondue set or a fancy candy dish), to the outrageously retro (like mid century table lamps and clocks).
Prices are usually less than big box stores, and not only that, many op-shops’ proceeds go back into supporting the community. They’re great places to get a groovy bargain. 

Tips: try op-shops connected to a charity for good deals and lovely people with a cause (e.g. Red Cross, SPCA).  Be sure to see what books, music, and movies they have, you may find some old favourites.

Budget: Up to you!

5. A good hardy house plant

Hardy house plant for best Christmas gifts in NZ - Christmas secret Santa ideas

Plants are an underrated gift, and can be bought in a lot of places these days. Plants bring life and positivity to a space, and it’s nice to give something that enables nurturing, and grows. They even purify the air! And really, the more plans the merrier. 

Tips: Opt for medium-sized indoor plants that are hardier and less likely to die (so you don’t waste your money).

Budget: $20 to $40

6. A ‘summer necessities’ kit

Summer bundle cheap affordable Christmas present

Hear this out – it might not be such a ‘wow’ gift at the time,  however two weeks into the Summer Holidays and your friends and loved ones will be thanking you for this gift because it is a time saver and an adventure enabler! Simply pick up some classic inexpensive sun glasses (at a $2 shop or variety store), an affordable beach towel, and some sun block. Package it together in a gift bag, basket, or box. When supplies run low, or there’s action a-foot, this trio is ready to grab-and-go! A very useful and handy gift. 

Tips: Compare prices online to find where you can get affordable towels and sunblock.

Budget: $20 to $40 per bundle

7. Create a jar full of compliments

Compliment jar cheap affordable easy Christmas present

People close to you probably know that you care about them, but sometimes it helps to prove it and put it in writing.  Write down memories, compliments, poetry, and all the feels on pieces of colorful paper. Toss them into a jar for a whole mess of feel-good stuff.  This jar will come in handy when the person needs a pick me up, or when they miss you.

Tips: Be specific with your compliments and memories!  That way they’ll have more of an impact.
Use 2 or 3 different colours of paper.

Budget: $10

Whatever gifts you give for Christmas, from cheap and cheerful, to the outrageous and luxurious – there’s no better gift than your time and your care.  The gift is just the icing on the cake.    Hopefully these gift ideas have given you some inspiration on how to find or create a gift that special to them, and easy on you.

A few great group gift ideas for Christmas from Chuffed

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