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What experiences do different types of people most like to do?

When you’re thinking about experiences it can be pretty hard to predict which ones different types of people like.  But if you’re looking for some insights then you’ve come to right place – Chuffed are the experts in gifting experiences! We’ve had thousands of happy people receive a Chuffed Gift and choose the experience they want to do out of over 100 options. So to help people give good gift and have memorable times, we ran the numbers and have some pretty surprising insights on what types of activities that people choose to do! Check them out below.

Experience gifts for grandparents and seniors

The most redeemed experiences in our gifts for grandparents are some of what you may expect at a slower pace, but also a little surprising!

present gift ideas grandma grandpa grandparents christmas birthday anniversary experiences


Who says seniors don’t want a little rush? They were doing cool fun things before you could even walk, why would they want to stop now? Ziplining is a gentle enough activity with just enough excitement to make them feel young again. Chuffed Gifts inspired a 72-year-old granny to go ziplining and she couldn’t get enough – she’s now been ziplining 3 times! – click here to read her story.

Boat Trips

Many seniors, especially ones that grew up in New Zealand, have memories of boating, ferries and the Navy from their youth. Any type of boating is a popular activity as they can relive what it’s like to have the ocean air in their hair and face and to remember those younger years at a gentle pace.

Scenic Flights

These are a popular experience gift for grandparents as it comes with incredible scenery in the safety of an aeroplane. Grandparents are known to enjoy seeing the land they’ve long known from above and reminiscing about the places they’ve known and loved throughout their life.

Experience gifts for men

Most experience gifting ideas for men feature a bit of adrenaline or sport and those ideas are spot on with what we’ve found to be some of the most popular gifts for him.

present gift ideas man men guys male males christmas birthday anniversary experiences

Supercar racing

This is one the men have raved about, feeling a real rush of excitement as they go full throttle. This experience let’s any guy release his inner boy zooming around the racetrack, he can even do the noises if he wants to!

All things sport

From golfing with a pro to Eden Park tours, to the All Blacks Experience, guys who love their sport will have fun indulging in their favourite pastime whilst seeing it from a new and different angle.

Off road driving

Just like the supercar racing, this experience gives guys the opportunity to get a real rush of adrenaline behind the wheel and drive wild and random in incredible terrain.

Experience gifts for Women

Women can be a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to our Chuffed Gifts top redeemed experiences. Some love to relax with a wine, while others love to feel the wind in their hair, so we’ve got a variety of top experience gifting ideas for women.

present gift ideas woman women lady ladies female females christmas birthday anniversary experiences

Vineyard tours

Sampling some fabulous wines in a stunning vineyard setting with a partner or a BFF in tow… it doesn’t get much better than that!

Horse riding

Many women grew up with dreams of owning and riding a horse, whether they watched ‘The Saddle Club’ as a girl or ‘McLeod’s Daughters’. As an adult, gifting a horse riding adventure ensures that inner girl gets her wish.


This one surprised us too, but there are a lot of badass daredevil women in New Zealand who aren’t afraid to jump out of a plane! Wild women do and they don’t regret it as Chaka Khan would say… let’s see the guys do that!

Experience gifts for couples

Choosing an experience makes presents for couples sometimes harder than just one person but we’ve found the top redeemed couple experiences to all have an element of relaxation.

present gift ideas couple couples husband wife boyfriend girlfriend fiancee wedding engagement christmas birthday anniversary experience

Hot pools

For getting into an amorous mood, or simply getting some time to chill and relax away from busy lives or the kids! Hot pools help couples unwind and spend quality time together.

Sailing trips

Some couples love to hop aboard a boat and enjoy some drinks on the water, away from the kids, and reconnect with each other somewhere special and stunning.


A nice gentle activity to do together, which still allows a couple to talk and admire the scenery, whilst working together to strengthen their bond.

Experience gifts for families with children

Family gift ideas need to suit both young and old. We’ve found the top redeemed family gifts to involve getting out and about with an element of nature.

present gift ideas children kids families family birthday anniversary

Animal & Wildlife trips

Kids love to see animals up close and personal instead of on an iPad. Their curious minds will be open to learn a lot more about nature, wildlife, and the environment, whether it’s a canoe trip to see glow worms, a gannet safari, a visit to the International Antarctic Centre or some of the other awesome options in NZ.

Forest trains

It’s a train! It’s in the forest! Do we need to say more? Kids and adults will both love the scenery and enjoy the fun ride.

Hot pools

Kids get to splash about and have a bit of fun, while Mum and Dad get some time to relax – everyone wins!

Experience gifts for families with teens

Families with older children usually have a few more experience options and need something a little more exciting but there are plenty of choices from our top redeemed gifts for teens.

present gift ideas teens teenager teenagers teens christmas birthday anniversary

Cultural excursions

From Maori culture to Weta Workshops, teens enjoy getting a deeper understanding of things that are important and special to them in these formative years.

Scenic bike trails

They get to go out and do something fun, and cycle a little bit in front of their parents so they don’t have adults killing their vibe (which works out well for the parents too actually!).

Jet Boats

They’re fast, fun, and teens get a great sense of satisfaction seeing their parents get freaked out!

Experience gifts for singles

All our solo adventurers have loved redeeming something with a bit of nature or adrenaline. These people are always up for a bit of fun from their experience.

present gift ideas single for one christmas birthday anniversary


Abseil, jump, swim, slide and climb – this is an absolutely mind-blowing experience gift for him or her and a great chance to get to meet likeminded people. It’s an experience they’ll talk about for years to come.

Adrenaline activities

From sky diving to bungying and more, these experiences offer a chance to do some wild and crazy things before settling down!

Nature walks

A opportunity to enjoy the incredible nature New Zealand has on offer and spend some quality time alone (and have some cool stories to tell on dates too!).

So, if you’re looking for an experience for someone special, these are a great place to start – but don’t forget with a Chuffed Gift they have the option to choose from over 100 experiences across New Zealand, so you can’t get it wrong! Chuffed is the fail-safe gift experience option whether they’re keen on one of these activities, or something completely different, no matter where they live in the country.

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