Regenerating tourism through gift giving

Every tourism business has a story. The story usually goes back to a single dream to share a passion or a wild idea with the wider world. For many the passion is a place, environment, skill, mindset, feeling or a way of seeing the world. It can be food, drink, nature, it’s society, its history, it’s culture – but fundamentally it all comes down to an experience that is handcrafted and designed to share this passion and connect it with people.

One of the great things about tourism in New Zealand is these experiences, businesses and people are found everywhere, in every region, in every town.  Most start and stay small – others take off and become bigger than anyone ever imagined.

We have so many unique experiences around New Zealand just like Waitomo Adventures.

It’s our mission at Chuffed to facilitate two way connections – to  help connect as many of these passion based businesses with new customers to help the business grow, and in turn through the power of good tourism experiences, help the visitor grow. It’s how we’d like to see tourism regenerating out of the ashes of Covid – with an industry and public that places high value on quality personal interactions  over mass tourism, long lines and anonymous experiences.

When done well tourism and travel is powerful – a tool for creating jobs and purpose, but also having lifelong impact on the very customers it serves. At Chuffed our mission is to connect as many people as possible to these wonderful experiences built on passion.

We love being able to partner with passionate businesses and connect them with new customers to help them grow. The amazing Eden Park Roof Walk is available in our packages.

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