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This gift experience are two separate experiences based on the West Coast of the South Island. They are located approximately 1 hour drive from each other so plan you day accordingly. They can each be used on separate days.

Experience 1: Underground Rafting through Glowworm Cave

On this adventure you will meet your guide at the Underworld Adventure Center in Charleston, who will equip you with wet suits, wet suit socks, boots, gloves and helmets. Dressed ready for your adventure, a short drive and the Nile River Rainforest Train will take you into the stunning West Coast Rainforest with towering limestone cliffs that create a magical backdrop for your adventure.

A short walk leads to the cave entrances high above the Nile River. You will enter a hidden subterranean world leaving the daylight behind to explore a calcite paradise of stalactites and stalagmites, cross huge chambers, follow a maze of passages and wander through the heart of an ancient multi-leveled cave system. Enriched with illustrations, explanations and stories you will connect to the fragile precious world you explore and descend to the bottom level of the cave where the water guides you to a magical galaxy of glow-worms.

Astounded by this underground night sky, you will slowly float on an underground river to emerge back into daylight having used only the natural light of the awe inspiring display of glow worms as navigation.

You leave this special place floating in your tube down the fun gentle rapids of the Waitakere / Nile River surrounded by the lush rain forest.  Returning with the Rainforest Train back to Charleston this special hidden place stays behind but the memories will stay for a long time.

Allow 4 hours for this experience

Experience 2: Hot Tracks Tour

Then, 1 hour down the road near Coal Creek with On Yer Bike Adventures and take a 4WD adventure that’s unlike any you have done before

In an ex military vehicle, designed to go anywhere, ride through assault courses that put it through its paces, climbing up steep muddy tracks that a vehicle shouldn’t go! . You stay dry and warm inside while the Hagglund gets down and dirty through the mud and impossible tracks..

Tour details

  • Fully guided through approximately 8 km of track
  • Weather doesn’t hold it back; every kind of weather is fine!
  • Allow 1 hour for this experience

An Amazing West Coast Day of Adventure

West Coast
6 Hours

$499 NZD

A memorable West Coast underworld rafting adventure , followed by an off road tour in a Hagglund military vehicle.

Experience provided by

Underworld Adventures & On Yer Bike

Important Information

Underground Rafting

  • Must be over 10 years old
  • Water confidence is required
  • Some fitness required
  • Swimwear and towel required
  • Allow 4 hours
  • Pre-booking required

Hot Tracks Tour

  • Pre-booking required
  • Allow 1 hour

These activities can be enjoyed separately on different days anytime during the validity period.


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