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Graduation gift ideas that’ll earn you an A+

Get a master’s degree in gifting for graduates with these eight ideas

Graduation season is finally here, and it’s time to start thinking about the perfect gift to celebrate your favorite former student’s hard work and dedication to their studies and training. Birthdays come and go, and people get one no matter what; but a graduation is a once-in-a-lifetime event from a culmination of a lot of hard work and dedication – so deserves an extra special gift that meets the occasion. Show your congratulations to them for achieving this accomplishment.

If you’re struggling to come up with gift ideas for a student’s graduation present, don’t worry, here are some great gift ideas to help you celebrate this momentous occasion properly:

1. A Chuffed Gift, where they get to choose their own experience

Chuffed Gift Boxes for him, for her, and try something new

The gift of a new high-quality experience which they get to choose is a great go-to, after all that time swotting and studying, it’s the ideal gift for letting off stome steam, or letting go of all that pressure. An out-of-the-ordinary experience creates a kind of dividing line or break between being a student, and doing something new.

Action adventure: to blow off some built-up steam! Chuffed examples include: jet boating, white water rafting, canyoning, and zorbing.

Wellness and relaxation: to alleviate all the stress and strain of studies. Chuffed examples include: hot pools, spas, sailing tours.

Dining: To celebrate somewhere a little more special and interesting. Chuffed examples include: Vineyard and winery tours, dinner cruises, craft beer and or gin tasting tours.

Bucket list items: Those grand adventures dreamed about since childhood can finally come true! Chuffed examples include: scenic flights, overnight stays, and skydiving!

Chuffed gifts river raft rafting rapids experience experience present
Spa and hot pool experiences with Chuffed Gifts
Chuffed gifts unique special food dining beer wine gin tasting present
Chuffed Gifts bungee bungy jump gift present experience

2. A flight or travel voucher

Best graduation gift ideas: a flight or travel voucher fund

After so much time cooped up in classes, some graduates just want to get out, break free, spread their wings, and see the world!  Getting lots of friends and loved ones to all chip-in to a travel voucher will let them plan the international adventure while they’re young.  Git it out of their system before it’s time to join the 9 to 5 life.

3. Professional equipment for their new career or profession

Best graduation gift ideas: professional equipment for their job

Starting a new job or business can be costly, especially when it comes to buying equipment. Consider gifting them a piece of professional equipment to help them get started in their new career.  It’ll show that you support them, and have confidence in their new set of skills.  Just ask what they need to get them started!

4. Meaningful Jewellery

Best graduation gift ideas: meaningful significant jewellery

A lot of cultures like to signify life’s big milestones with a piece of jewellery that represents a coming-of-age, and also the graduate’s heritage. It’s something precious that’ll be kept for life, so that he or she can looked back and reflected on completing their studies; and the special moment you gave them an heirloom to treasure.  They’ll be able to tell future generations about it, and your gesture will be remembered and shared.

5. Bond for a rental flat or apartment

Best graduation gift ideas: a bond for a new apartment or flat

For some graduates, graduating means moving away from their town of study, and to a new town where they hope to settle down and find work. It can be an exciting but anxious time. Having their flat or apartment bond paid helps them to adjust to their new town with less stress, so they can focus on finding work and enjoying making themselves at home. Alternatively, some furniture finds would be a good alternative to this too.

6. New computer or laptop

Best graduation gift ideas: a new computer or laptop

What better way to say “out with the old, and in with the new” than to say ‘goodbye’ to those ragtag student electronics – which might be worn out and have too many associations to late night assignments and frustrating cram sessions attached to them!  Help them level-up their tech to something befitting a smart young professional with a new computer or laptop, and leave the student study computer in the past.   It’ll help them really feel like they’re moving to up with the world with the right tech, slick and shiny and new. 

7. Workwear

Best graduation gift ideas: new work clothes

Not the most fun gift, but hear it out! Once a graduate gets a job, they often have to invest their first paycheck in some work-appropriate apparel, and that’s a bummer. It’s likely they only have 1 or 2 work-ready outfits tops, and they’d get clocked pretty early on if they wear them to work all the time.  By taking-that away the onus of buying workwear, they’re then free to spend their first paycheck on something self affirming and special.  That’s the time when they’ll think “I’m so glad I got to use my first paycheck on something special, instead of some lame clothes!”

8. A big party!

Best graduation gift ideas: a party

Whether it’s with the family, or friends, or both – shout the soon-to-be-former-student a party!  As mentioned, it’s a once in a lifetime event, so why not celebrate the good old fashioned way?  It’s nice for the graduate to see that their graduation means a lot to you too, so raise a glass, or two… or more!  If they did their student days right, they should have a lot of partying experience to make it a success!

To sum up, it’s really worth acknowledging someone’s graduation.  And the best way to do that is with something thoughtful that either celebrates all the hard-work and dedication that has gone on to get there; or a gift that helps them make a seamless transition into the next phase of their life.  Graduations in the eye of a graduate is one of the biggest events, to date, that a person has had, and is a life-long moment to remember.  Whatever you decide to gift will be remembered for as long, so be sure to make it something thoughtful and memorable.

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