Perfect gift for any occasion

The perfect gift for any occasion

What’s a good gift to give someone?  The answer now is simple, easy, but most importantly epic, with Chuffed Gifts!  In one little Chuffed Gift, your lucky recipient gets to choose one of New Zealand’s top-tier experiences.  Since the person gets to choose their own experience, it’s totally worthwhile on your side, and it forces your friend or loved one to get out and have some fun!

Chuffed Gift Boxes for him, for her, and try something new

A Chuffed Experience gift is full of experiences suitable for anybody, at any age, and for any occasion.

 Each experience gift:

  • Has up to 120 experiences for him to choose from– from fast cars, to golf lessons, to craft beer tours – what will he choose?
  • Has a 2 year validity – they choose what, where and when
  • Beautifully presented with an inspirational 50 page booklet of stories and travel tips
  • Supports Kiwi businesses all over New Zealand
Birthday gift idea for him for her for couples and more Chuffed Experience gift box

Birthday gift

Looking for birthday gift ideas?  Chuffed makes a unique birthday present that lets the lucky recipient choose a new experience to do.  A wide variety of experience options ensures there’s something for everyone. In other words there are great experiences for for him, for her, for Mum, for Dad, for a wife or a husband, for a good friend – whoever!  It’s a gift that’s sure to be the talk of the party.

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Wedding marriage couple couples gift for the bride and groom Chuffed Experience Gift box

Wedding gifts

Need some wedding gift ideas, to ensure you give the best wedding gift?  Chuffed makes great gifts for the bride and the groom – because what better way to start off a marriage than a bold new exciting activity to pick and do together to ‘seal the deal’?  Chuffed also makes a nice gift for the bridesmaids, the maid of honor, the best man, and others in the bridal party.

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Christmas present gift idea Chuffed Experience gift box

Christmas gifts

A Chuffed Experience Gift is the Christmas gift idea that lets the recipient choose a new experience from a range of the country’s best experiences.  This makes it a great Christmas present for Dad, Mum, the husband, the wife, grandparents, even teens!  Plus the timing is perfect, as it will give the recipient something fun to do over the summer holidays.

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leaving farewell goodby gift idea Chuffed Experience Gift box

Leaving and farewell gift

If you want a farewell gift or leaving gifts, a Chuffed Experience gift makes a meaningful present that will keep your special connection going.  When they reminisce about their great experience in the future, they’ll fondly remember their old teammates who made it happen.   Chuffed gifts make great gifts for colleagues farewell, leaving work moment, for a great boss, or for friends moving away. 

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anniversary present gift idea Chuffed Experience Gift box

Anniversary Present

Chuffed Experience Gifts are ideal wedding anniversary gifts.  An individual Experience can be gifted as an anniversary gift for him or for her or for both.  Many of experiences inside are for two people, who  can create new romantic memories together.  And with a range of experiences from mild to wild, it’s a good gift for any anniversary, 10th, 25th, 40th, or whenever! 

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engagement proposal gift present idea Chuffed Experience gift box

Engagement Gift

Need good ideas for engagement presents, either to an individual, or for a couple?  A Chuffed Experience Gift is the best engagement gift because it enables the two to do something special together, cementing their relationship with a new experience and life-long memories. 

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Thank you thanks gift present Chuffed Gifts

Thank you present

You don’t have to think up ideas for good and unusual thank you gifts with Chuffed, as the experience gifts are full of adventures and activities for the person to pick and do.  A new experience is the best way to thank someone!  Give one as meaningful thank you present for friends, colleagues, family, and helpers.

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Retirement gift present Chuffed experience gift box

Retirement gifts

Want meaningful retirement gifts which reflect the years of service a person has put into their job and career?  A Chuffed is a great retirement present for a retiring (or retired) men and women.  It says “here’s your ticket to something new and fun to kick-start your new found freedom!”  They’ll love thinking of a new experience instead of work.

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Graduation gift present Chuffed Expereince Gift Box

Graduation gift

After all that hard work and dedication and study, it’s time for a graduate to blow off some steam and have some fun!  A gift that offers and exciting new experience is perfect, making Chuffed the perfect graduation gift.  The perfect present for people graduating from  high school, university, polytechnic, or other institute.

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Congratulations big mile stone life moment experience gift present Chuffed Gifts

Big milestone gift

Big milestones need big gifts that rise to the occasion!  Experiences are great ways to mark the chapter’s of someone’s life with a unique and special moment.  Gift it for momentous moments, like 50th 60th 30th 40th, 70th, 21st birthdays for instance – or even to mark important wedding anniversaries, like 10th, 40th, 50th, and any other anniversaries too.

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Experience Gift present for Family parents kids Chuffed Gifts

Family gift

Looking for a group gift that the whole family can enjoy?  Chuffed is a great idea for family gifts.  Parents and kids will love exploring their options, making a group decision on what to do, and doing it together as a family and becoming closer in the process.  Even teens will have a good time!

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Perfect gift for any time or any occasion celebration Chuffed Gifts

Congratulations Gift

Has someone special in your life accomplished or done something big, and you want to help that person celebrate their success?  Chuffed helps that person make a big deal of their win by taking part in a celebratory experience of their choice.

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For corporate, business, and workplace gifting

Chuffed experience gifts for clients boss partners manager customers

A gift for clients and customers

Transform your corporate gifting from formality to fun!  So many corporate gifts are stock-standard and lose their memorability.  Because Chuffed ties itself to an experience, which in turn creates a memory, you and your gift leaves an impression that’s here for the long haul!

Chuffed Gift present for staff employees colleagues team members co workers

A gift for staff and co-workers

Prove to your valuable staff and co-workers that actually do care and want to have a positive impact on their life – Chuffed will add new experiences and fun to their lives.  They’ll have a great work story to tell the rest of the team, and everyone will be motivated to earn a Chuffed gift of their own!  So it’s not only great as a gift, but also as an incentive or reward too.

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