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Better gift ideas for Grandma and Grandpa

Gifts for grandparents can be some of the hardest to find. They often have everything they want and don’t need more materialistic stuff, and while we know grandparents appreciate whatever you get them, you don’t want to just get them a boring box of chocolates again either. So whether you’re after a birthday or Christmas gift for grandma or grandpa, we’ve put together our top ideas to help you gift something thoughtful they will really love.

1. Chuffed Gifts, give an experience

Chuffed Gift Boxes for him, for her, and try something new

Unforgettable memories have got to be at the top of our list to gift anyone, but especially grandparents. With a Chuffed gift you choose the gift box and they get to choose an experience that excites them most from up to 120 different options across NZ. Whether they’re into a bit of adrenaline or prefer a more relaxed approach, you can’t get it wrong with so many amazing options for grandma or grandpa to pick from. With Chuffed you’re giving more than just a present, you’re gifting your grandparents memories, stories to tell and a whole lot more than any material gift could ever offer. Afterall, you can never have too many experiences!

2. Name a star after them

Night sky name a star for grandparents gift

Naming a star after your grandma or grandpa is a truly unique present for grandparents. They will be surprised and touched when they find out they’ve been gifted a star named in their honour.  They’re a star in your life, so it’s a fitting gesture really!

3. A family calender

Chuffed gift experience for nana papa grandparents grand parents presents gifts

No one loves family photos more than grandparents and what better way for them to enjoy them all year round than a calendar. There are lots of online options to easily create a personalised calendar with a different photo of your family members each month – a present your grandma and grandpa can enjoy all year long.  You could even put a picture in of you enjoying a Chuffed experience so that they can get daily inspiration to have a new adventure!

4. A home cooked meal

chuffed gifts presents old elderly

Why not gift your grandparents a break from the cooking and give the gift of a home cooked meal. You could offer to cook the meal yourself and invite them around or cook at their place. If you’re not able to be there, you could use services such as Angel Delivery who will deliver a meal straight to your grandparents, all they need to do is heat it up. They will love having a break from the dishes too!

5. House cleaning subscription

good gifts for old people senior citizens new zealand

Gift the grandparents a break from cleaning with a house cleaning subscription or even a one off clean. Grandparents aren’t as mobile as they once were so would definitely appreciate time off from all the cleaning and they can use the extra time to do something they enjoy too.

Grandparents are super special and deserve to feel all the love and appreciation for the amazing role they play in our lives. Hopefully this list has given you some inspiration to help you put a smile on their face. We’re sure one of these amazing presents for grandparents can help remind them just how special they are to you.

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