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Better Father’s Day gift ideas

Want to give Dad a praiseworthy present, and need some solid ideas? Then read on for some great gift suggestions that’ll get Dad grinning!

If you find it difficult to shop for your Dad, you’re definitely not alone! Many people struggle to find the perfect gift for their fathers. It’s unpleasant to straight your brain trying to figure out a suitable present, which leads to putting it off, and ultimately settling for rushed last-minute ‘that’ll do’ gifts. We tell ourselves that we’ll do better next year, but time flies, before you know it, we’re back to scratching our heads for ideas beyond the typical Dad gifts of socks, underwear, and wine. (There are only so many times we can pass those off as ironic!)

Keep reading and get 11 good, helpful, un-cliché Father’s Day gift ideas.

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A Chuffed Gift

Between 80 and 120 expereinces – where he gets to choose the one he wants to do the most? Come on, it’s a no-brainer!

Pros: Dad’ll gets to do something really fun, and possibly have a hilarious incident that’ll entertain the whole family for many family gatherings to come
Cons: May lead to boasting, incessant yarning, and a barrage of out-of-focus images in the group chat.

A DIY Beer Brewing Kit

Some Dads love a good brew, and with a DIY beer or cider-making kit, they can add their own spin on it, whilst developing a greater appreciation for beer brewing in the process. Kits come in a range of prices, and they’re fairly easy to come by.

Pros: It’s a long term gift that’ll keep Dad occupied!
Cons: Good quality output not guaranteed.

Virtual Masterclass

Fuel Dad’s personal passions by signing him up for a virtual masterclass in an area of his interest. Whether it’s cooking, photography, painting, or woodworking, these online classes offer valuable insights from experts and help him refine his skills while having a blast..

Pros: He can finally develop skills in an area that he’s had a secret passion for, no more putting it off!
Cons: You’re going to be regaled about it… don’t worry about that.

Record Player

Vinyl is back! And who always told it would be – because of the ‘richer tones’ and ‘presence’? Dad. So getting him an updated record player lets him to relive the music-listening memories of his youth, plus, it’s a way to indirectly say “Dad, yes, you were right” (without actually having to say it).

Pros: You can borrow it!  Will Dad turn you down?  Don’t think so!
Cons: Dad’s music will make a comeback in a big big way.

Outdoor Hammock

Let Dad kick back and relax with a high-quality outdoor hammock. Whether he’s lounging in the backyard or camping in the great outdoors, this gift provides the perfect escape for him to recharge and enjoy some tranquil moments out in nature.

Pros: They’re relatively inexpensive and easy to find.
Cons: Not a great gift idea for Dad’s that find it too easy to get comfortable… if you get the meaning.

Whiskey Tasting Set

For the whiskey connoisseurs (or the whiskey connoisseur wannabes), make your own whiskey tasting by selecting a few small premium whiskeys from different regions, add a  set of whiskey stones or glasses to enhance the tasting experience and to add some fancy flair.

Pros: It leads to whiskey tastings that are a fun group activity that brings people together.
Cons: Dad might become one of those guys who “knows a lot about whiskey”.


If Dad loves to barbeque, curate a collection of BBQ rubs with his favorite flavors. Use YouTube to find out how to make your own and package them in decorative jars with custom labels for that artisan touch; otherwise just get a few different ones from the shops.

Pros: A delicious meal might be in your future!
Cons: If it doesn’t turn out well, you have to pretend to like the food (hope your acting skills are up to task).

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Cooking Classes

Another one of those situations where the best gift is a new experience – see what cooking classes are available in his area, and book-in a few lessons for Dad. Whether he’s a beginner or a seasoned cook, this hands-on experience will teach him new culinary skills to impress family and friends.

Pros: He may discover and/or enhance his love of cooking, and find a sense of accomplishment and empowerment.
Cons: Again, you’d better have your acting skills on point in case his cooking isn’t good.

Favourite Childhood Movies

These days you can buy so many movies digitally on YouTube or Amazon for a few bucks. What about finding an old treasure from his childhood, and having the whole family watch with him? It’d be really sweet for him to relive a childhood memory, and share a meaningful childhood memory with his own kids.

Pros: Instantaneous, affordable, and high emotional factor.  A great last minute gift idea.
Cons: Be prepared to meet your Dad’s inner child.

Coffee and Coffee Accessories

Almost everyone loves coffee, or at least needs it. Level-up coffee time by curating a coffee set based on what Dad likes and needs. Elements can include: different types of beans, a plunger, a cafetiere, espresso cups, a bean grinder… whatever you can think of! Most of these items can normally be found in supermarkets and big box stores and are relatively affordable. Add some chocolate covered coffee beans if you’re daring enough.

Pros: Items are easy to acquire, and there’ll be a coffee it for you at the end too.
Cons: A fully-caffeinated father might be a handful.

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A Native Tree

Giving Dad a native tree as a gift is a thoughtful and meaningful gesture. Trees symbolize growth, strength, and longevity, making them a beautiful representation of lasting relationships and shared memories. They’re pretty easy to get and can be found in most garden centres or local nurseries.  It’s a gift that sticks around, so he’ll remember you as he watches it grow.

Pros: Full of symbolic value.
Cons: It has to endure Dad’s motley gardening skills (or lack thereof).

Hopefully these fathers day gift ideas will help you get some ideas on what ideas to gift the Dad who has everything. Though you might not know what present to give Dad, he’ll surely love anything that you give. That being said though, it’s always nice and extra thoughtful to make a little bit of an effort, and do something outside the box. Best of luck with your Father’s Day shopping!

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