Horse Trek Experiences

Horse riding and horse trek adventures with Chuffed Gifts
Chuffed gifts horse ride trek river present
Chuffed gifts horse ride trek beach present
Chuffed gifts horse ride trek present

Some people love, or would love, getting on a horse and living-out their cowgirl or cowboy fantasy, though in this context they wouldn’t be galloping through the Wild West, but galloping through stunning New Zealand landscapes instead.  

Which Chuffed Gifts include
horseback riding experiences?

Chuffed's Experience Gift Box options, a perfect present for any occasion

Chuffed Gifts give choice

So if you were thinking taking someone horse riding, or giving a horse riding voucher as a gift, consider giving a Chuffed Gift instead.
Not only are does a Chuffed Gift have several different options to choose from, but there are also other activities available for them to choose from too.
And who knows?  Your recipient might want to do a different activity or adventure!

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