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Top 5 hottest Christmas gift ideas in 2021

Always stuck for Christmas gift ideas for friends or family who are impossible to buy for? Whether it’s your sister who buys whatever she wants all year round, your Dad who says he doesn’t want anything or your in-laws who already have everything, we all have at least one person (if not more!) who stumps us when it comes to Christmas gift ideas.

Even if they tell you Christmas gifts are not necessary or give zero helpful hints, you still want to give a gift you know they’ll like. You want your Christmas gift to be thoughtful and don’t want it to go to waste or just be another materialistic thing they don’t use. Plus, there’s nothing like that feeling of a nailing a Christmas gift, and even more so when they’re hard to buy for. Check out our ideas for the hottest Christmas gift ideas for those impossible to buy for below.


1. Experiences

The number one hottest Christmas gift idea this year is experiences. This type of gift is becoming more and more popular and it’s easy to see why. Experiences are just the thing if you want a Christmas gift they’ll remember. From relaxing hot tub experiences to thrilling canyoning in breath-taking locations, giving adventures, excitement and experiences as a gift is scientifically proven to make them happier and they’re way better than receiving more things you don’t need. Experience gifts are personal, thoughtful, and you can never have too many. Instead of giving a material possession, you’re giving a Christmas gift that is sure to last a lifetime in memories. What do you remember more, that box of chocolates you got last Christmas or that time you went ziplining? Exactly!


2. Event ticket

Everyone loves getting out and going to an event and there are so many options all over New Zealand, so you’re bound to find something perfect for a Christmas gift. You could choose theatre tickets, a local comedy show or play. For those into sport, you could purchase a ticket to the game they love, whether its cricket, rugby, netball or something else. For those into music, why not gift a concert ticket? You can find a small local gig or give a ticket to a bigger artist playing out of town.


3. Native trees

For those who already have it all or if you’re after a waste-free Christmas gift, you can’t go past the gift of a native New Zealand tree from somewhere like Trees That Count. It’s a thoughtful and sustainable Christmas gift idea helping New Zealand make an impact on climate change and improve our environment. It protects our beautiful landscapes and waterways and helps make a little change toward a greener New Zealand for generations to come.


Best NZ Christmas gift ideas 2021

4. Wine Subscription

For anybody who loves a good glass of wine with dinner or loves entertaining, a wine subscription is the perfect Christmas gift idea. They can try new wines or pick their favourite type as many services personalise the selection. What wine lover wouldn’t love the surprise of a new bottle being delivered straight to their door?


5. A class to learn something new

Learning new things makes people feel good and there are so many options available. So, if they’re the sort of person who’s always keen to try something new, then a course or class of some sort is a great Christmas gift idea. Here’s just a few of the many options to find the best one for your giftee – if they’re a foodie maybe cake decorating classes, cheese making or beer brewing experience, or if they want a new skill gift a class to learn a musical instrument or photography, maybe they’d be keen for something more physical like dancing, boxing or a rock-climbing class, or they may even be keen to try their hand at woodwork, flower arranging or painting.


Chuffed expereince Christmas gift ideas NZ

Top pick: Chuffed, the no-fail gift option

There’s rarely Christmas gift ideas that are perfect for every person out there and you often need to have a pretty good idea of what they would like. So, if you’re finding it too hard to choose something, you’re not sure what they would love or if you just want a no-fail Christmas gift, the new experience gifting concept from us here at Chuffed is perfect. Chuffed Gifts are all about gifting experiences (the hottest Christmas gift idea this year) but giving your gift recipients the option to choose from up to 80 amazing experiences, so you can never go wrong.  There truly is something for everyone and all gifts come in a unique Chuffed Tube, making gift giving super fun.


Chuffed Gifts is a one of a kind gifting company encouraging Kiwi’s to gift experiences rather than material goods. The gift giver buys a package, the gift recipient chooses which experience they want to do. It’s revolutionary, but so simple and so much FUN. Gifts packages start from $99.

Check it out at and keep it in mind for your Christmas gifting.


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