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What happens to unused
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Find out how unclaimed Chuffed Gifts go to charity.

Chuffed Gifts are so well used – with a 2 year period (plus 3 month extension offer), they’re almost always used, resulting in fantastic new experiences and great stories to share!  But what happens to the fraction of gifts that don’t get used?  That’s a good story too.  Gift recipients can choose one of five charities to donate the value of their gift to, ensuring that it never goes to waste.  The Chuffed Gift you give will always have a positive impact, no matter what!

Check out these five charities Chuffed Gifts is helping out…

Hillary Outdoors

Hillary Outdoors

Donate to Hillary Outdoors for youth outdoor education. Your contribution enables growth, connection, and adventure. They believe in equal opportunities for all youth, regardless of finances or abilities. Donations help fund schools, especially supporting Māori youth, rainbow communities, those with disabilities, ethnic backgrounds, migrants, and young women..

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Big Buddy

Big Buddy New Zealand

Big Buddy pairs fatherless boys with community volunteers to foster confidence and resilience. Mentors spend regular time with boys aged 7-14, serving as positive role models. Alex Howard, co-founder of Chuffed Gifts, has personally benefited from this program and understands its transformative impact. Their support reflects firsthand pride in backing Big Buddy.

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Bellyful volunteers cook and deliver free meals to families with babies or young children facing challenges such as new arrivals, serious illness, or unexpected events. Operating in over 25 communities across New Zealand, Bellyful provides support when other networks like friends, family, or church are unavailable.

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Good Neighbour

Good Neighbour

Good Neighbour, a Bay of Plenty charity, provides practical community support by alleviating daily burdens. They rescue unsold food and distribute it to over 70 organizations supporting families in need. They also collect and distribute firewood, engage in neighborhood projects, and operate community vegetable gardens to ensure access to fresh vegetables for those in need.

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Make a Wish

Make a Wish New Zealand grants customized, life-changing wishes to children with critical illnesses. These wishes bring hope, strength, and joy, helping them cope with their illness. Each wish is designed to fulfill the child’s imagination, creating extraordinary experiences. From meeting sports teams to unique activities like cooking with a chef or creating wheelchair-accessible aviaries, all wishes are made possible through donations.

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