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Raft Down the Kaituna Waterfall!

The River Rats Kaituna Waterfall Experience will see you paddling through the pristine heart of the best rafting region in New Zealand – Okere, Rotorua. This spectacular 2.0 – 2.5 hour experience provides all the gear you need, initial training, and around 50 minutes on the water.

You will experience a thrilling mix of dropping down three waterfalls, pushing through 14 rushing rapids, and paddling through calm waters of recovery where you can look back in awe at what you have achieved.

The area is steeped in Māori history and you will learn about the history and caves where the women and children were hidden and then later used as the burial ground for Chief Tutea – hence the naming of the mighty waterfall the Tutea Falls.

The Tutea Falls on Kaituna (Okere) River, Rotorua is the world’s highest commercially rafted waterfall at 7 meters. There is plenty of time to build up anticipation and practice your newly acquired skills in the rapids and two smaller waterfalls before the big drop.

On average around one boat in 20 will flip upside down at the bottom of the big waterfall, however, all the major rapids are followed by calm water, so there is time to get the boat back upright and get everyone back in.

Safety is paramount and the  expert guides have been riding these rapids for many years and they still love every minute of this thrilling experience!

Velocity Valley Adventure Rides

This part of the gift includes 4 rides at Velocity Valley. You choose from V-Force, Freefall Xtreme, Swoop, Scheeb Racer and Agrojet.

The 5 experiences to choose from are:

Swoop – Drop from 40 metres on this giant swing – sure to test your nerves

Freefall Extreme – feel the thrill of flight stepping into the wind tunnel and trying to hold you body stable while flying

Shweeb – a unique peddle powered monorail where you dictate the speed. Thrilling speeds can be achieved.

Agrojet – be driven through a jetboat sprint course by a professional driver

V-Force –  Strap in for a reverse bungy take-off before you launch 45 metres into the air travelling at speeds of up to 80km/ph

Waterfall Rafting and Adventure Park Fun

5 -6 hours

$499 NZD

Kaituna River rafting including worlds largest commercially rafted waterfall and your choice of the unique activities at Velocity Valley Adventure Park.

Experience provided by

River Rats & Velocity Valley

Important Information

River Rat Kaituna Rafting

  • Rafting minimum age 13,
  • Weight restriction 40kg – 125kg
  • Allow 2 and a half hours
  • Pre booking essential
  • Trips are subject to water levels, minimum numbers and weather conditions


Velocity Valley Adventure Rides

  • Currently Closed Tuesday and Wednesdays outside school holiday periods
  • All rides have specific age and weigh requirements. Please check operator website for details.


Both these activities can be enjoyed on separate days anytime in the gift validity period.


Chuffed will need to issue these vouchers manually for you. Once you redeem your experience below please contact Chuffed to organise valid tickets to both these activities.

Waterfall River Rafting

Kaituna River Waterfall rafting adventure including 7 metre waterfall

Adventure Park Excitement

The Swoop, the Freefall Extreme, the Shweeb, the Agrojet - you choose! 4 rides to blow you away!

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