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If someone told you to go jump off a cliff… would you do it?

Welcome to the Shotover Canyon Swing.  This is the World’s #1 Canyon Swing, ‘cos they invented it.  No other is like this one though; it’s the first, heaps of fun and it’s sh*t your pants scary.  They’ve been locally owned and operated since 2002, so they’re pretty good at this.  You get the freedom to choose your jump style, and whether you jump yourself or be released, no other swing can say the same.

So get off the couch and out of your comfort zone, do something you’ve always wanted to do.  This is ridiculously scary and seriously fun.

With 60 meters of freefall, the Canyon Swing is the world’s highest cliff jump. It’s a rush like no other. It’s a leap with no equal.

We want your experience with the world’s biggest cliff jump to change the very fabric of your being… and possibly even the fabric of your undies. So you get to decide how you leave the platform and enter, screaming, into the void. The Swing team adheres closely to The Message: “Don’t push me, ‘cause I’m close the edge.” They’re not there to rush or crowd you.

Instead, this exceptional bunch of jump masters will safely manage your fear factor. Yes, these masters are slightly unhinged but they’re never less than 100% professional in their dedication to Canyon Swing safety and your personal journey.

They’ll push you (with words) to go that small step beyond what you thought was possible. Only then can you experience the true freedom that comes with that full-throated, adrenalin-fueled scream out into the hungry void.

Why is it Chuffed Worthy?

When talking to the team from Canyon Swing during a trip to Queenstown, Alex & Tayla from Chuffed suggested it doesn’t seem as terrifying as all these words suggest.. Challenge accepted! With Alex going over backwards in a chair, and Tayla being slowly cut free, both can confirm that this experience is every bit as terrifying & exhilarating as the description suggests, but look at those smiles!


Take on the worlds first Canyon Swing, above the Shotover River

2 Hours

$499 NZD

Jump with a friend off the worlds highest & first cliff jump at Shotover Canyon near Queenstown

Experience provided by

Canyon Swing

Important Information
  • 2 hours round trip
  • Transport included from town centre (map)
  • No public access to site
  • Pick ups available from Shotover Jet River Base (map)
  • Min age 10 years – under 15 year old’s must be accompanied by a guardian (spectating or swinging)
  • Max solo weight 160kgs
  • Max combined tandem weight 180kgs
  • Not suitable for expectant mothers
  • A health declaration is required including physical injuries upon check in

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