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Set sail on NZ’s only commercial electric yacht on the crystal-blue waters of Lake Taupō. Feel the sun on your face and enjoy the gentle lake breezes as you cast off and head out to make new friends and new discoveries.

Kick back and relax as you skim across the surface, the crystal-clear waters gliding quietly beneath you, and you investigate the hidden bays and dramatic coastline that tell the story of Taupō’s volcanic past. Take in the stunning vistas that spread out before you, the distant peaks of majestic mountains rising high above the lake, guarding the Taupō caldera as they have for ages.

Or heighten the adventure, get involved, and help get us underway as you are introduced to the basics of sailing. Whether you want to sit back and just enjoy the peace of the quiet, zero-emission yacht, or want to get more hands-on and take the wheel or help hoist the sails, you’re set for an amazing experience… one you won’t find anywhere else.

What you’ll experience:

  • A truely unique and authentic sailing experience.
  • Spectacular adventure – Explore the hidden bays of Lake Taupō
  • Learn to sail or just sit back and soak up the views
  • Sustainable Sailing on our Eco-friendly yacht, no fumes, no noise, no pollution
  • Māori culture at the Mine Bay rock carvings and discover their amazing story
  • Sailing with wind or silent motoring with eco-friendly electric engines
  • Explore the culture, history, and sustainability of the region

Why is this Chuffed Worthy?

Tiffany & Peter from Sail Barbary were one of the first operators we approached when Chuffed Gifts was just an idea in our heads! They showed us around their beautifully restored & unique electric yacht then and it is no surprise to us now that their experience is one of our most popular experiences. We’d suggest taking advantage of the byo policy & enjoying your sunset sail with a glass of NZ wine!

Sunset Sailing on Great Lake Taupo

2 hours 30 Minutes

$149 NZD

Enjoy an evening sunset cruise with Sail Barbary, NZ’s first electric yacht. A casual party atmosphere while sailing to the Maori rock carvings.

Experience provided by

Sail Barbary

Important Information
  • Daily Sailing, time dependent on sunset time
  • Dress for the Conditions
  • Bathrooms are available on Board
  • BYO Food & Alcohol is allowed on board, responsible consumption policy applies
  • Minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian

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