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First, you’ll cruise up to 9,000ft and soak up scenery of all 144 islands that make up the Bay of Islands. The spectacular views of turquoise water, golden beaches and lush countryside are guaranteed to take your breath away.

You’ll sit on the edge of the plane, the anticipation will build as you prepare to exit and then jump! Reaching speeds of up to 200km per hour, experiencing the thrill of freefall is something you’ll never forget.

After an insane 20 seconds of freefall you’ll then float under canopy before landing back at the drop zone, or at an alternative landing area. You’ll be buzzing long after your feet touch the ground!

Skydive from 9000ft over the Bay of Islands!

2 Hours

$299 NZD

Take a thrilling leap of faith & enjoy freefalling & then floating back to earth from 9000ft above the Bay of Islands

Experience provided by

Skydive Bay of Islands

Important Information
  • There is no age limit to experience a skydive, however, passengers under 18 years of age require signed consent from their parent or guardian. All passengers must securely fit in the harness. Please get in contact with staff if you require a parental consent form to be emailed to you prior to your jump.
  • In order to ensure the safety of all participants, there is a weight limit of 100kg. If you are over this limit please get in touch with our crew prior to booking your jump.
  • No special clothing is required! Skydive Bay of Islands provide each jumper with a jumpsuit to wear over their clothes. But we do recommend you dress warmly (especially during the cooler months) and comfortably. We also require all jumpers to be wearing closed-toed shoes.

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