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See Raglan from a different perspective, exploring this stunning harbour on kayaks or paddleboards with the family. Explore the limestone coast waterways with two hours of freedom on the water.

Top Rental Picks:

#1 – Explore the Limestone Coast – Our Ultimate Adventure! Paddle straight into the heart of the Limestone coast & explore it’s unique pancake rock formations. Pack your picnic, bring your friends & family and discover this majestic ancient coastline!

#2 – Paddle to the Café – A perfect outing for beginners and foodies!  Enjoy an easy paddle to the iconic Rockit Kitchen for a yummy brunch. Paddle past our local marae and embrace a relaxing paddle. Get active & treat yourself!

Raglan Kayak or Paddleboard Hire

2 hours

$179 NZD

Raglan Harbour Kayak or Paddleboard Hire for the whole family!

Experience provided by

Raglan Kayak

Important Information
  • Operates October-May

Best Route:
From the waterfront location, the team will share with you the secret tricks to access the coast with ease and favorite spots to stop and explore along the way.

Safety Note:
Raglan Harbour has endless nooks and crannies to discover, not to mention the famous Limestone Coast and it’s quirky pancake rock formations.
That said, it is tidal – it is important to note that the tide does impact our daily planning.
Experience is necessary to visit the Limestone Coast on a freedom rental.
Strong currents and wind requires a certain level of confidence and experience kayaking.

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