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The 4-Seater Jet Sprint Boats carries Oxbow’s professional driver and three passengers. They operate on a custom-built Jet Sprint course with a series of islands to navigate around. Accelerating at an incredible 0 to 100km in only 2.5 seconds, your expert Jet Sprint Boat driver will negotiate you around Oxbow’s very own racetrack before you’ve had a moment to catch your breath. The Ultimate Off-Roader is a 4-Seater, which carries our trained professional driver and three passengers. The off-roaders are 4WD, 4-wheel steer, and an extremely low centre of gravity, allowing them to practically go anywhere. You’ll suit up in our off-roader kit, helmet and protective gear before strapping into the custom-designed vehicle for the off-road experience of a lifetime.

Off Road & Jet Sprint delight

Up to 2 hours

$299 NZD

Suit up for two exhilarating experiences. Go 0-100 in a Jet Sprint Boat around a custom built sprint track, then jump in a 4 wheel drive,  4 wheel steer off-road beast and hang on as your driver negotiates some unbelievable terrain.

Experience provided by

Oxbow Adventure Co

Important Information

Minimum height 1.2 meters, maximum height 2 meters

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