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Experience Auckland famous west coast beach in an exhilarating and exciting new way, on land based yachts – known as Blokarts.

Only done 2 hours each side of low tide, this is the most unique way to experience Muriwai Beach.

The team from Muriwai Surf School will equip you with everything you need, before you walk to the beach & learn everything you need to get going, then you are ready for the wind in your face and an adventure you’ll never forget.

The Blokarts are easy to operate & great fun, plus, the wilder the weather the more exhilarating your Blokarting experience will be, so don’t let wind & rain deter you!

Why is this Chuffed Worthy?

Chuffed loves that our gifts introduce people to new experiences. Not many people can say that they have tried Blokarting before, and who knew it was so accessible just 45 minutes from our biggest city? For a unique experience in a beautiful (& handy) location, with a great team, it’s hard to look past this!


Muriwai Beach land sailing experience

1 Hour

$149 NZD

With full instruction provided, this includes 2 x  Blokart hire and  the exhilaration of land sailing along these famous black sand beaches. Truly something unique.

Experience provided by

Muriwai Surf School

Important Information
  • Requires 15 Knots of wind and 2 hours either side of low tide.
  • Wind conditions are more favorable in Winter and Spring
  • Only suitable for 9 years plus.
  • You may get wet & sandy – Bring Change of clothes, towel, sunglasses, wind jacket and gloves.
  • Pre-booking required

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