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Have you ever wanted to draw the curtains; put on a helmet; boots & lots of black rubber; flood the lounge and spend a couple of hours with your friends plus complete strangers swimming around in the dark – including exploring under the furniture – illuminated only by your Christmas tree lights…?

If you answered YES to this question then Boy have we got a trip for you!

Get ready for a legendary underground excursion like no other. Combine the best elements of black water rafting with walking, climbing, swimming, and tubing through distinctive sections of the spectacular Tumu Tumu cave for an adventure you’ll never forget.

The above ground location is a beautiful landscape of farmland with native forest planted by us to help look after the climate and also the caves underneath.

See awesome cave formations as well as one of the best Glowworm displays in New Zealand.

There’s got stalactites, stalagmites columns, flowstone and more but the stars of the place are the amazing glowworms -twinkling away in their underground sanctuary.

Blackwater Rafting *Uncategorised due to price increase*

4 hours 30 minutes

$499 NZD

In a fully guided adventure, explore the caves and underground rivers of the Waitomo area with a tyre tube as river transport.

Experience provided by

Waitomo Adventures

Important Information
  • Minimum age 12 years
  • Minimum weight 40kg
  • Bring: Swimwear, long thick socks (suitable for bush walking); a towel & toiletries for a shower afterwards.
  • Waitomo Adventures provide all other equipment including helmets, lights, any vertical gear, overalls and PVC boots.
  • there are changing facilities available so you can arrive in your street clothes and get changed onsite.

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