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5 worst wedding gifts ever


For those who have been married, you will all know the feeling of an unwanted gift, and those who haven’t had a wedding, you will have heard the horror stories of the inappropriate Karma Sutra book from Uncle George. We’ve all been invited to a wedding but no idea what to get the happy couple for a wedding gift. We know it’s not just the thought that counts, no one wants to receive something totally useless (who needs two blenders) or inappropriate. And these days a lot of couples are already pretty well set up and don’t need all those towels and sheets. So, if you don’t want to be the wedding gift they remember for all the wrong reasons – make sure you never, ever give these 5 things to a bride and groom.


1. Art

Not everyone has the same taste in art, so unless you know the EXACT piece of art they want, it’s best to stay away from this as wedding gift. You can never assume your taste in art is the same as the couples – one person’s Picasso is another person’s “what were you thinking”. You don’t want the wedding gift you spent hours choosing stuffed away in the garage somewhere. Just a few of the terrible wedding gift stories we’ve heard include a 3-D painting of horses the couple just were not into, and a painting of angel in a bathtub, which was never seen again after the wedding, funny that… 


2. Relationship advice or self-help books

Now this really isn’t what the newly married couple would be wanting from a wedding gift. And when you think about it really doesn’t make sense to give a couple who just got married relationship advice but this gift seems to get given a lot. This is one of the happiest times in the couples lives and they may not be very happy you think they need advice on their relationship that is already perfect enough for them to make it official. A wedding is all about celebrating their love, not the time to be telling the couple they need to work on their relationship. 


3. Anything baby related

You might be itching for the happy couple to have little people, but anything baby related at the wedding is an inappropriate gift. They’ll already have enough people asking, “when are you having a baby” and for some couples a baby may be on the cards straight away, but for others, children might be a few years away or they may have no plans to have children. Let the newlyweds enjoyed being married and buy the couple something for just the two of them - one milestone at a time guys… 


4. Home décor

We’ve heard about some pretty bad stories with this one and again, this comes down to personal taste. The home décor also may not physically fit in the couple’s home or match their style – not everyone wants a fish vase or is into your taste for velvet... Many couples already have a lot of what they need in a house and no, they don’t need another toaster. So, if you really must choose something for the home check if the couple have a gift registry and only then get an item for the home. That way you know they will like it since they picked it out. 


5. Nothing

Do not bring nothing – this is probably the worst gift of all. You may feel like your presence at the wedding in enough, but you really should get a gift as well. This is a huge milestone for the couple (one of the biggest of their lives!) and they’ve put a lot of time and money into their big day. It’s definitely a milestone to celebrate and they’ll really appreciate the thought and effort you put into your gift. After all they’re probably shouting you to a fun evening with delicious food and drink, so it’s the least you can do.


So, there’s all the wedding gifts to avoid if you don’t want to get it wrong. But you may be left wondering well, what does make a good gift then? You’ll want to give a gift they’ll remember from all those boring pots and pans and you don’t want to waste your money giving gifts that brides and grooms don’t want or won’t use.

A gift that solves this problem is an experience gift where they get to choose. With a Chuffed experience gift the newly married couple can celebrate their union creating memories together on an amazing experience. Your gift will be one they’ll remember long after their wedding day. They also have the option to choose an experience that excites them the most so there’s no risk of you getting it wrong. 


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